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"Inspiring youth to become technology Creators ~ not just consumers"

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"Upward Mobility" is what we hope to gain from this program! We also want to expose the youth and parents to different aspects in the Technology industry. GOAL -  is to generate ideas and create revenue with IT products.


Community engagement

We want the Community and small minority companies to leverage App YOUniversity for any IT service needs. This program is to expose you, business owners to technology services and App products. 


Close the deal

App ideas and ANY other creative thoughts you have, that could change the world and create a business for you, your Family, and the WORLD!

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APP YOUniversity


(980) 500-9699

Our Responsibility

Road to 100 young coders!


App YOUniversity is an IT StartUp initiative founded by Orlandus Gilmore. App YOUniversity’s motto is “Inspiring youth, to become technology producers not just consumers.” The program is designed to provide IT exposure and jobs to under-served and under-educated youth. App YOUniversity’s philosophy is as technology leaders it is our responsibility to multiply the number of leaders in Information Technology by influencing and education the under-served youth in our community! 


The mission of App YOUniversity is to inspire and empower under-served youth to become their generation leaders of IT, by providing experiences and education which will decrease poverty and lead to high wage jobs and careers in IT. 

Target Market:

This program is designed to help the under-served youth and poverty stricken communities. The under-served continue to be under-represented and lag in education, specifically in Technology, Finance and Energy industries. 

  1. Students: 4th – 12th grades
  2. College Students: Undergraduates 


These programs and initiatives provides education, resources, and exposure to the under-served, while providing the opportunity to obtain a high wage job and career in IT. The goal also is to allow our youth to contribute to the change in technology. 



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APP YOUniversity


(980) 500-9699


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We love our businesses, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. If you have any IT application, website, app needs, contact APP YOUniversity. The IT StartUp of young, passionate youth that have been under-educated in IT in the past!

APP YOUniversity

North Carolina, United States

(980) 500-9699